Metal Tile Series

M series,  ceramic tile by nature, through its metal rust color, can give a cool  and chic feeling for use in modern house, clubs and hotels. It will bring you into a world, where is half fancy, and half reality.

Jade Stone Double Loading Tile

Jade Stone Series represents the fourth generation of Double Loading Porcelain Tile. The key componet includes some highly pure chemical withdrawn from jade stone, such as sodium,calcium, and aluminium.With accurately set proportion and similating the formation of Jade Stone,the chemical particals  are deeply injected into the tile and thus makes the surface crystal clear and glittering.

Dream Land Porcelain Series

Starting from 2008, Dream Land Series , full body porcelain tile , is suitable for the floor of  lobby for hotel and commercial building use, entrance way or hall.The designs are rich both  in colors and varified lines,showing sort of primitive and wild style.It is only available for the present  in the size of 80x80cm, and can be cut into 40x80cm, and be used for wall.

Jade Porcelain Tile

V Series is the latest product from full body porcelain tile. In addition to the double printing technology,V tile adopts the NANO material  to make its surface look more  glossy. Therefore , the waxing process is replaced by this NANO material. Entering into market in the year 2008 , our tile has gained great popularity for its three strong points:nearly zero water absorption, shinning  emerald design and high stain proof extent.

Polycrystalline Double Loading Tile

The product of T Series is named Polycrystalline Double Loading, due to a kind of crystal particle added during the computerized burning process.With its high concentration of particals, its polishing degree and stain-proof capacity is superior to the normal polished tiles.Its difference with other series of double loading is not in its physical structure,but in its surface design,which looks more closer to natural stone.Therefore, we call it the third generation of double loading porcelain tiles.